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This is my resurrected site dedicated miniatures, wargaming, RPGs, terrain building, etc. Much of the content that has been recovered is from 10+ years ago - so apologies for the lower resolution images than would be standard today! But I'm also adding new content all the time, so check back often.

7/24/20 - Added my notes from a small GURPS Supers Campaign that I ran a long time ago - it has the villain NPCs for a first encounter.

7/16/20 - Updated my GURPS ShadowRun page with in-page navigation. Also added a cool rover drone that I'd made for the campaign down in the vehicles section

7/8/20 - Dug up and added more notes for a GURPS ShadowRun grimoire recovery scenario.

7/1/20 - New pics added to all three galleries (one each) - check them out at the bottom of each page.

6/29/20 - Added stats for the ogres (Hunë) and a whole new monster (the diggers) to my fantasy campaign notes

6/23/20 - In which I marvel how camera tech has improved with a picture of some crappy plastic dwarves!

6/18/20 - Added a couple new pictures to the terrain gallery - scratch built rock "scatter terrain".

6/11/20 - Added some new pictures to my Fantasy/Medieval gallery - scroll to the bottom to see them.

6/9/20 - Added a new addendum to my GURPs alien invasion campaign notes, with vehicles and more.

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