How the times have changed!

22 Jun 2020

On a whim I decided to root around in my gaming closet and see what I might find. The picture below is from some dwarves I painted early in my journey as a miniatures painter. They're plastic, and I have no idea where I got them at this point. I believe I mounted them for Battlesystem on pieces of cardboard. You can see the bases are not how I usually do them... Not my greatest paint job - they look a little sunburned to me, which certainly seems inappropriate for dwarves!

Anways, the point is when I started this site more than 15 years ago, I was pretty proud of the quality of the pictures I took - I had a decent camera, tripod and tried hard to get good pics. The picture below involved pulling my phone out of my pocket and shooting a picture on my office desk. I'll admit, I did turn on my desk lamp for a little more lighting but that's it.

plastic dwarves

It's really amazing how far camera tech has come in so short a time! I could get a new camera... but honestly I'm not sure the quality of my painting will stand up to such high resolution images!