Photo Reference: Barns

28 Apr 2020

Barns are a feature of most rural landscapes - as such they should probably also be a part of an wargamer's terrain collection... This article includes a lot of pictures that may be handy for anyone who's looking to have a "barn raising."

Barn Model Barn Barn Barn
A model from a museum showing the interior construction of typical barn. The front of an old barn. The shingling was put there to protect the livestock area from wind, etc. Another view of the same barn. A pic showing the whole farm.
Barn Model Barn Barn
Another, much larger two-level barn. The same barn, showing the dirt ramp up to the first level. A shot from inside, showing the great woodwork that goes into these old barns.

I'm adding more pictures below here as I find them

An old barn along the side of the road in the west - note the weathering on the paint and silo.