More Miscellaneous Terrain

3 May 2020

Just a quick pic of some miscellaneous terrain I'm working on, on the side...

Misc. Wargame Terrain

You can see a couple of terrain tiles I'm working on with integrated palisades - the one on the right is nearly finished - painted, textured and "stained" with a black/brown wash. Once it dries I'll add some static grass and do a little touchup. On e the left you can see a matching palisade, unpainted. First I built the slope using pink insulation foam carved with a cheap foam cutter, and patched up with bits of foam, tape, etc. Then I glued on the balsa wood that makes up the fence, and used epoxy putty to make the base of the fence.

There's also a couple smaller pieces - one a standard "corner ruin" made with hirst arts bricks, and textured/painted the same way. The round bit is a simple fence piece, made from balsa and based on a CD.

At the very top are some very old terrain pieces that I've pulled out of storage to fix up. I used to do them with a think coat of green flock - which looks good but tends to drop bits of flock all over. So hence I've gone to a more barren look - also easier on the flock costs!