Modular Wooden Walls

2 May 2020

So, I was ditching a bunch of old backup CDs and the thought came to me that it was really a waste to just toss these things. I've used them in the past quite a bit as bases for small terrain pieces - but you only need so many piles of stones or whatever.

Somehow the idea came to me to make a set of modular wooden walls - these should be useful for all sorts of genres.

25mm terrain wooden walls

First step was to just to find some wood to use. These are balsa, from a pack that I picked at some craft store at some point. I just stacked three and glued, then glue on the upright pieces. I strengthened things by drilling and inserting pins - this probably isn't really necessary. Then I used some smaller pieces of balsa along the front and back fo the walls to give a little more surface area for glue. I finished up by using a bead of epoxy putty smoothed down along the base of the walls.

28mm wood wall terrain

To finish the pieces, I just used the same technique I've used on my terrain boards - a layer of light brown latex paint, followed by sand and gravel for texture, followed by another coat of paint to seal everything down. Some watered down brown/black paint to "mottle" things up a bit. Finally, some static grass to round things out. I use some 3M spray glue and then sprinkle on the grass.

Wooden wall palisade terrain

Quick and easy!