Pictures from Origins - 2007

2 May 2020

This year I was only able to make it for Friday and part of Thursday, but it was still a lot of fun. I made some purchases and played some games, but I'll be posting on that more later. Right now it's time for pictures! I didn't get as many pics as usual, mainly because since I only had one solid day there, I was more interested in getting in games, rather than wandering with my camera.

Origins 2007 Pictures

Origins 2007 Pictures - Chinese Boxer Rebellion I
I think this game has been there for as many years as I've been going to Origins - I believe it's a game centered around the Boxer Rebellion - it's a nice table!

Chinese Boxer Rebellion Miniatures
Some of the miniatures for the Boxer game - very colorful!

Colonial game
Looks to me like a colonial period game set in Africa (or perhaps India?) - huge number of minis on this one!

Colonial Fort attack

Another picture from the game above - looks like the fort's defender sallied out for some reason - not sure that was a good idea!

I thought this was kind of a neat terrain piece - from a Salvador Dali painting, if I'm not mistaken. They also had some cool "Alice in Wonderland" inspired terrain, but that picture didn't come out as well. I think my camera's autofocus is beginning to die on me.

Helm's Deep Origins 07
Part of the terrain set up for a Helm's Deep game.

Inurius Games
Part of the terrain set up for the Red Shirt Games Injurius table - the walker there should look familiar!

I believe this was a Warhammer Fantasy Battle siege game.

Reaper Warlord Dungeon Crawl
Reaper has had this "dungeon crawl" game using their Warlord game going for at least a couple years now - someday I'll have to play! Huge dungeon, very cool table.

WWII minis
Some WWII miniatures - I believe this was Flames of War, but I'm probably wrong - I've never played in this one either, but would like to some day.