Pictures from Origins - 2005

28 Apr 2020

Origins is an annual gaming convention in Columbus OH - this year's was the third time I'd attended, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the hobby, or just wants to meet/see a lot of slightly (and some not-so-slightly) odd people. This time I was there even longer and was able to get far more pics than last year - enjoy!

Imperial Forces
advance in the Warzone demo game that I lost...

Imperial Trenchers
take cover in the Warzone demo game

Boxer Rebellion

Medieval Castle

Dungeon board
set up for the Reaper Warlord game

Chronopia demo game
a demon advances against my forces.

Cool Starship Troopers Mech

Another cool Starship Troopers mech

Nice Warmachines "steamjack"
- the Warmachine figs and paint jobs are really amazing.

More Warmachine figs

Another Warmachine mech

Warmachine Dwarven Infantry

Warmachine Steamjack

Beautiful Miniatures
from the St. Petersburg Collection - the best I've seen

- look at the detail on the brocade, amazing!

More St. Petersburg

Another St. Petersburg

Just part
of a dealer table!

My undead and crypt bats
desperately try to close with those pesky elven archers, in the Warlord demo game

Banshee, Crypt Bats
from the Reaper Warlord demo game

Crypt Bat
from the Warlord demo game

Minas Tirith
, under siege in a GW LOTR game - very nice

Beautiful Werewolf
from Rackham - I love their stuff

also from Rackham

More Rackham

Undead beastie
, from Rackham

Ruined city
from the Miniature Building Authority - great stuff.

American Indians
and (French?) frontiersman

Advancing French


more Pirates!!

Palisaded Village

China Layout
from the Boxer rebellion game

Nice medieval terrain