Alien Invasion Campaign - Addendum

8 Jun 2020

About a month ago I (re)posted the notes for an alien invasion GURPs campaign I ran many years ago. I recently came across some other files for this game that I thought would make a handy addendum - so here we go :)

PC's Battlesuit

To give the PCs a chance, this was a pretty high point value game. One of the player's made a sort of tinker/engineer type character who built his own battlesuit, adding to it over time as other tech and parts was found. It had no built-in weapons, but allowed him to "carry" larger weapons than a human typically could.

The battlesuit was designed - I believe the v1 rules. You can download the spreadsheet for the vehicle here.

Alien Battlesuit

Of course, the aliens had access to better tech than the PCs, and had their own pretty lethal battlesuit:


Propulsion: 0.6 kW drivetrain (legs), improved suspension Equipment:

  • medium range scrambled radio (head)
  • IFF (L. Arm)
  • Mil. GPS, Thermograph (1 mile range)
  • HUDWAC, Light intensification
  • radar/laser detector, minicomputer
  • Arms (ST 20)
  • Env. system, NBC - short occupancy
  • basic stealth, IR cloaking, chameleon camo

Power: 24 hours total (10 battery, 14 diesel)

  • 0.47 diesel self-sealing tank (fire 7)

Armor & HT:

  • 4/50 everywhere
  • arms HT 10
  • legs HT 7
  • body HT 15
  • head HT 10

Performance: Top speed 13 mph, Accel 1, Decel 20, MR 3, SR 2, Mv 6.4


  • 5.5mm casless MG: 5d, ACC 10, SS 12, RNG 290/2350, ROF 10

Alien Land Cruiser

The aliens also had some heavy armored vehicles which would've been a real challenge for the PCs, except I don't belive the campaign got that far. I was planning on slowly giving the PCs a variety of tech that they could use to try to take out this beast as part of some sort of big campaign finale.

Anyways, the file is here. This beast features two turrets - one mounting a railgun for anti-armor work, and the other mounting a 50mm cannon for softer targets. Again, v1 Vehicles was used for this.

M41 Light Tank

I also planned on giving the PCs a 50s era light tank, with the idea that they could use it as is for handling lighter alien forces, and could tinker with it to update it with better weapons and tech as needed. It would've been fun to see what they came up with :)

Armor F R/L B T U
Body (HT 900) 5/105 4/60 4/52 4/50 4/35
Turret (HT 600) 5/105 4/60 4/60 4/50 0/0
Tracks (HT 300 ea) 4/25 4/25 4/25 4/25 4/25
Top Speed 45 mph
Acceleration 3
Deceleration 20
MR 0.25
SR 5
Weapons Dmg SS Acc Range ROF
76mm M32 Cannon AP: 6dx12(2)
HE: 9dx3[6d]
APDS: 6dx18(2) (x1.5 rng)
30 16 2500/8400 1/4
.30 cal MG coax 7d 19 10 1000/4700 10
.50 cal MG open mount 12d 20 16 1200/5000 8

The Captive

During one session, the group managed to capture an official within the alien collaborator government. The report below was provided back after they turned him in for interrogation. It has a number of plot hooks that were left for the PCs to explore as they wished, including trying to get in touch with other resistance groups, and a potential recon mission to check out some sort of big project the aliens were working on.

Our interrogation of the captive has given us the following information:
  • We now have a complete understanding of the relations/politics of the collab. government in the Minneapolis area. Most of this deals w/petty politics between leading officials and is of little use to us.
  • Analysis of the captives papers and computer records indicate that alien material requirements have gone up 300% in the last 6 months. At the same time (6 months ago) the aliens shifted the "materials concentration location" to a site in rural Illinois - it used to be in Chicago. Roads and rails to the location have been improved and defensive forces have been concentrated there. A reconnaisance of this new base is recommended.
  • We found two mentions of a new alien weapon called "feeder" or "eater" - it is unclear what this weapon is, if it has been used on human resistance forces yet, or when it will deployed if it has not already.
  • Apparently the aliens have begun surgically implanting some sort of ID mechanism in leading human collab officials - fortunately the captive's appointment for this was two days after we captured him.
  • We uncovered references to two other other centers of human resistance. One is located in the Florida Everglades and estimated to have a strength in the thousands. Apparently the aliens are massing human collab troops to attack and eliminate this group. The other resistance group is located somewhere in N. Canada in the wilderness, of unknown strength, but apparently this group recently shot down an alien shuttle. The aliens are actively patrolling this area searching for the HQ of the group. Our Irons MI group is apparently known, but is considered a low threat to alien operations.
  • The captive has seen some sort of new collab group. They apparently are very highly placed in the alien hierarchy - higher even than himself. They dress in black uniforms w/red trim.